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The 2006 Stern Report into the economic impact of climate change has acted as a challenge to industry and government alike. As a leading supplier of building design solutions, elders consulting engineers llp is at the forefront of the quest for cost-effective, sustainable solutions based on advanced technology and building physics.

In the light of current concerns about climate change, our work incorporates the latest methods for minimising energy consumption. We believe that close relationships are fundamental to the success of every project. The better we understand the exact nature of our clients’ objectives and the factors that drive their decision-making process, the better we can refine our solutions to achieve an optimal result that delivers consistantly high standards, reliable methods and reduced management time.

View a copy of our sustainability brochure for example projects and work or click here for a copy of our sustainability policy.


Our consultants identify energy-saving opportunities and provide practical advice on how to achieve these. 

 If you require an energy survey please contact our Dundee office.

Dundee Office  
3/6 Discovery House
Gemini Crescent Technology Park
T: 07897191612

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